GENESI: product and specifications section

  1. New 680 cc POM C tank with ml and oz scale, resistant to all types of solvents. The lid quickly closes with a turn for perfect control.
  2. Chrome plated brass nut.
  3. Stainless steel needle
  4. Chemical nickel plated brass cap for maximum resistance and reliability.
  5. Stainless steel nozzle with mechanical seal (without gaskets) with the body.
  6. Adjustable needle stuffifi ng box.
  7. Polished stainless steel ergonomic lever.
  8. Air flow regulator with acetyl shutter for perfect adjustment. Resistant to all solvents.
  9. Knob for air flfl ow adjustments.
  10. Coloured field pressure manometer for pressure control.
  11. New pressure regulator.
  12. Calibrated air passages.
  13. Polished and chrome-plated forged aluminium body for total protection
  14. Brass valve for maximum reliability and PTFE (Teflon) gaskets resistant to all water and solvent based paints.
  15. Product opening adjustment knob with reference tags.
  16. Fan adjustment knob with reference numbers.
  17. Product filter.
Genesi section

The spray gun is constructed with an air valve and needle on a single axis to provide higher performance and greater maintenance simplicity.

  1. Body:
    Polished chrome-plated forged aluminium, resistant to the most aggressive solvents. Air passage calibration is guaranteed by numeric controlled machine processing.
  2. Nozzle:
    New 12 distribution hole stainless steel nozzle in three versions GEO, HTE and HVLP, to guarantee constant air flow volume to, the cap; easy to remove for cleaning and controls, thanks to the supplied Allen key.
  3. TOP air cap:
    Chemical nickel-plated brass, ideal for water-based, solvent and VHS transparent paints. Renewed hole design, inclinations and dynamic flows guarantee the top level of performance and reliability.
  4. Needle:
    CNC processed stainless steel for maximum durability and guaranteed precision in nozzle alignment.
Genesi section